How do slot machines work in online casinos?

The game of slot machines in Casinos Online is basically child-friendly. After you have deposited money into your casino account, you can choose a game machine of your choice. Before you start the game, you only have to set the number of winning lines and the bet per profit line. For most online slots the winning lines are valid from left to right. Two or three identical symbols can be drawn together on a pre-recorded profit line.

Once the bets have been determined and adapted to your real money budget , the game can begin. Most gambling machines run with five reels with different symbols. When these are stopped, three icons are displayed on each roller. Now the winnings at link to are calculated using the paylines and credited to your account balance.

In many real money slot machines, however, not only normal profit symbols with different valences can run in. There are wild symbols that complement the winning lines. The wild symbols complete profit lines at the highest possible profit. In some gambling machines, the profit is even doubled or tripled when a wild symbol has contributed to it. Another special case is the scatter symbols, which do not necessarily have to be on a profit line in order to ensure success. Frequently the Scatter also solve bonuses or examples.
Bonus and frees
Online slots with real money

Many gambling slots in internet casinos offer bonuses for which you can secure extra winnings... see the best Rainbow Riches slot games now at These bonuses can be triggered by a variety of events. For some machines, three or more scatterers have to enter; in others, two special symbols are enough on the first and fifth rollers, and in others the bonuses are randomly eliminated.

The bonus games themselves differ even more. Often, they are examples obtained by the scattering or special symbols, which vary in their number and their gain multiplier. Occasionally, a small special game must be played, which defines the number of multiples and their multiplier.

Many online gambling machines Casinos and software developers are increasingly focusing on interactive gambling machines for the real money game in 2017. Often, the casino providers buy licenses to famous series or cinema films and build the game machines thematically. The bonus games have then usually a separate story to offer, which is similarly loaded as the Hollywood blockbuster is. In the course of the story, you can reveal items under which your winnings are hidden and then credited to you at the end of your bonuses.

"Online casino real money apps or the direct play in the browser, whether with the iPhone, the Windows smartphone or Android mobile phone, allow you to play the real money game anytime and anywhere. The games are often perfectly adapted to the abilities and strengths of the mobile phones and, for example, involve the touchscreen in the game, which makes gambling on slots a very special experience. "
Progressive jackpots slots

Especially gaming machines with a progressive jackpot attract millions of people every day. These Jackpot Slots are sometimes waiting with profits up to the millions. With a roll turn to the millionaire: What sounds like an unimaginable dream, every month for some gamers to the reality.

The slots with progressive jackpot in the casino online are usually developed by software manufacturers like Playtech or Microgaming and are available in many different internet casinos. Here, they can be gambled by thousands of players at the same time. This pushes the jackpot sum up quickly and ensures astronomical Euro real money winnings, which are often distributed monthly or after a few months. One of the most popular microgaming games, which has already made some gamers millionaires, is the popular Mega Moolah.
Real money slot machines at Mobile Casino

The mobile game for real money is becoming more and more popular and so in 2017 many gamblers in Germany already have the offer to play the games of their favorite online casino also on the mobile phone or tablet. Many casinos online have recognized this trend and are optimizing their casino games, so that they can also be perfectly represented on mobile games on the relatively small smartphone displays. The providers allow the mobile game either in an app or in Instant Play mode in the browser.

What are you waiting for? Whether you're playing on your PC or smartphone, choose one of our casino's best-selling casinos, make a deposit and start gambling. Good luck!


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